LGBTQ & About My Soul - YouTube Channel

I'm Ellen Shepard, the Producer, Editor, and Host of the YouTube Channel “LGBTQ & ABOUT MY SOUL.” I'm here to change the narrative about religion and the gay community and turn it away from the taboo and unthinkable into something that is welcoming and affirming with exclusive and personal interviews with religious leaders and members of the LGBTQ community. This is a place to feel good about believing in God.


Ellen Shepard is an independent producer, director, and Host of the YouTube Channel "LGBTQ & About My Soul," as well as documentaries at E. Shepard Productions. Her feature documentary “Sitting at God's Table" has had numerous screenings, including at the NC Museum of History as part of their Billy Graham Exhibit, Premiered at the Cary Theatre and at Raleighwood Theatre, and was an Official Selection at the Indigo Moon Film Festival. Her documentaries also include “Teen Rap – a Discussion in Teen Suicide” and “My Parents Are Growing Old and So Am I” which won First Place at the North Carolina Film Festival. For 16 years she was Assistant Professor of Film at Saint Augustine's University in Raleigh, NC, where she developed their BA degree in Film Production and taught advanced classes in film production and documentaries.  She has served on the Think Tank for the NC Museum of Art in their Education Department. She relocated to Raleigh from Los Angeles where she was Senior Producer/Director of Documentaries and Educational Media at  University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). 


ERIC BARSTOW, MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University, is currently the Videographer for Duke University’s John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute. He is the Director of Photography for Ellen's "LGBTQ & About My Soul", as well as the editor for the documentary "Sitting at God's Table." Eric has shot and edited for numerous clients including the Haitian Cultural Foundation, Eaton Corporation, Revlon, Inc, North Carolina Museum of Art, and was recently videographer at the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer at Tougaloo College in Jackson, MS.